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Ultrasonic Processor / Sonicator

SMulti Stage Ultrasonic Vapour Degreasing System

High Power ultrasonic processor / sonicator for special applications

Product Range :

OSCAR make Ultrasonic Processor Comes with generator complete with operating stand and large number of accessories as per customer needs.

Models : PR-250, PR-500, PR-600 and PR-1000

Applications :
  • Homogenization of substances
  • Disintegration of cells, tissues etc.
  • Degassing of liquids
  • Dispersion of particles
SMulti Stage Ultrasonic Vapour Degreasing System
SMulti Stage Ultrasonic Vapour Degreasing System

OSCAR Ultrasonic Processor in different models is used for research-related work as well as production purposes in various fields.

The Ultrasonic generator is of solid-state version, the latest card type (LOT based) is compact, lightweight, high efficient found to be most suitable for cell disruption. The transducer, consisting of piezoelectric crystals, converts the electrical output of the generator concentrated and intensified by a stainless steel step horn is passed at the tip. The energy radiates from the tip to the material being treated.

Acoustic energy irradiated from probe tip forces the fluid to extremely high pressure and is responsible for the physical phenomenon called cavitation. Cavitation is caused for the sudden formation and collapse of high-pressure bubbles within the fluid. Extremely high pressure, temperature variations and shock waves are involved in the process.

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